Do you need help to compete in today's 24/7, digital-centric economy?

I can help!

For nearly 20 years I've been leading teams to use effective innovation tools and methodologies that successful, high-growth startups use to turn their ideas into revenue.

Today that toolkit includes lean startup, Agile/SCRUM, Business Model Canvas, design thinking and more to help entrepreneurs, and companies, rapidly integrate and build problem-focused businesses that yield great returns for shareholders.

Leveraging my own experiences with startups, as well as building startup ecosystem programs, I have a particular strength in helping businesses in traditional and aging industries create new products and ventures to capture market opportunities.

I have guided executive teams and boards on how to implement design thinking, lean startup methodologies, and agile techniques to identify, test, and capture market share. I can do the same for you.

I am highly selective about who I work with. I only work with 3-4 clients at a given time.

If you are a board member, owner, or C-level executive from a:

  • Privately owned company
  • With annual revenues between $5M and $50M USD
  • Have been in business at least 10 years
  • Have at least 25 and up to 250 employees
  • Operate and sell in a traditional industry (not software or digital)

And are seeking:

  • To dramatically shift the way you go after growing existing market share or tapping into new markets
  • Are focused on increasing shareholder value in the next 3-5 years for an imminent sale to private equity or a leveraged buy-out
  • Want to be given blunt, honest, on-point feedback from an optimistic, ambitious advisor
  • Have a leadership team hungry to do things better, faster, and with a new-found energy, and
  • Are ready to invest in going on offense in your industry to be a winner...

Then please, take 2 minutes to introduce yourself and email me. I'll send you my manifesto on transforming your business from old-school player to agile-moving winner and we can set up a ZOOM call to chat further about what your vision is and how I might be the catalyst to spark a dramatic shift in your business.