How the Mobile Web Is Changing Behaviors

The Entreprenurial Advancement Center will be hosting James Burnes to speak on the shift in consumer behavior at their November, 9 2010 meeting.

Mobile phones are quickly becoming consumers primary device to stay connected with the world around them. In this anywhere, anytime world of connectivity, how are consumer behavior shifting and forcing companies to change the way they connect and engage their customers?

This strategic seminar will answer three key questions:
1. Does my company need a custom app or a mobile-optimized web site?
2. What are current behavior trends impacted by the mobile web?
3. How does a business incorporate the expanding opportunities into their business strategy?

From mobile web sites to custom applications, understanding the trends and opportunities in the mobile internet will help you incorporate mobile platforms into your business strategy. The event is at 7:30 a.m. – the location is TBD.