Social Media: Marketing to the Next Generation

Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials are making life decisions with a new set of influencers driving their learning and decision process. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are changing the way these new customer bases become educated about their options (and the issues that prompt them) in a completely different way than previous generations.

On May 4, 1010, James Burnes, founder and Principal of Project Brilliant, highlighted how social media is impacting the buying process of these key demographics and discuss how NAMIC member organizations  can create and launch a strategy to engage and connect with these prospective insurance and related financial products customers.

The 1 hour seminar focused on a variety of issues that must be overcome and addressed before a social media initiative can take place. The outline of the presentation included:

1. Introduction

1. Why Social Media?
2. History on Social Media

2. 9 Steps to Developing a Strategy

1. What are our goals?
2. Who is our audience?
3. What are the segments within this audience?
4. What do they want from us?
5. Where do they go online?
6. Who is our internal talent?
7. What are our key milestones or events?
8. How will mobile access to social media impact us?
9. Do we need our own, proprietary platforms?

3. Examples of Strategy

4. Implementing a Strategy

5. 7 Rules for Social Media Success

1. Define (and stick to) your brand
2. Create accounts for your business
3. Speak to your audience
4. Commit to 15 minutes a day
5. Demonstrate experience through sharing knowledge, ideas and insight
6. Listen more than you speak (Respond frequently and win)
7. Reward customers who connect to you