Supporting Entrepreneurs On Their Journey from Idea to Revenue

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Have you become a founder? Are you at the early stage of an idea or new venture and need a sounding board, an introduction, or someone to hold you accountable?

I'm here to help and offer mentoring to those needing a fresh voice or catalyst to move ahead.

15 years ago I was quickly working up the corporate ladder. Many of my roles had an entrepreneurship angle, working in new product development, strategy, or product marketing. As I learned agile, lean startup and other techniques to manage corporate innovation, a strong desire began to build inside me to launch a high-growth startup.

Today, there are many programs for established startups or companies that are getting traction- from incubators to accelerators - and those who are coming through universities or corporate venture programs.

However, if you are new to entrepreneurship or just in the early stages of your startup journey, there are limited effective programs or offerings that provide the necessary support, mentorship, and direction to help build your skills and keep you moving forward through the early learning processes of how to launch a business.

Two programs worth seeking out

If you've never launched a business, or just want to learn the techniques of how to test a business idea and pitch a concept, the best way to start is to participate in a Techstars Startup Weekend. These 54-hour events (Friday to Sunday evening) are hosted around the globe by experienced startup volunteers and are an excellent way to dip your toes into entrepreneurship. I'm an organizer, mentor, and facilitator for these programs. Check the global website for an event near you. The cost to register is very low and worth the investment (even if travel is necessary).

Separately, Co.Starters offers an intensive 10-week long program via it's delivery network for aspiring entrepreneurs to work through many of the critical elements of their business idea through a combination of live sessions, homework, and ongoing mentorship. You can search their website to find a curriculum provider near you.

Both programs provide different experiences, both designed to quickly upskill you on critical thinking skills and steps to flush out a business idea before you invest too much time and money.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many of these programs have been put on hold, leaving future founders with fewer places to learn the basics.

And so, I'm available to help, where I can.

How I can help?

If you need someone to talk to about your idea. If you're stuck on an issue. If you need advice on how to overcome a hurdle. I'd be happy to help if time permits.

Contact me with a bit of background about yourself and a quick summary of what you're stuck on. I'm happy to set up a quick Zoom call and provide you some feedback and input that helps you break through the barrier you're facing. No charge - just my way of giving back to a startup ecosystem that, over the past 15 years, has given so much to me.